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   WoodenShell online store is created to bring useful wooden products for wine and beer ageing, maturation of whiskey and also for beekeeping industries. Along with these fields, we provide high quality products made of wood for kitchens and restaurants such as: oak chopping and cutting boards, wooden fruit bowls, wooden plates, wooden cooking spoons and spatulas.


Oak barrel cask - Wine barrel – Whiskey barrel – Wooden beer barrel

Oak wooden cask 

 If you decide to maturate whiskey or age wine or beer, first of all, you need to get oak barrel cask. Oak barrel cask is natural equipment to maturate whiskey, wine and beer and other alcohol drinks. Many flavors and aroma liquid is picked up from oak cask during maturation. The wooden barrel natural compounds interact with spirit and give any drinks its own flavor and aroma. Along with alcohol drinks you can make homemade vinegar using oak vinegar barrels.


Oak wooden barrel with brass hoops and Oak barrel cask with burnt finish

Small oak barrel with brass hoops and burnt finish

    Whiskey barrels with brass hoops or barrels with burnt finish are not only natural equipment to age whiskey or wine but also a great décor to impart rustic and vintage style for your interior and good gift for everyone who likes to maturate whisky or wine.

Small oak barrels

Small mini oak whiskey wine barrels

    If you want to gift an oak barrel, a small oak barrel will be a good choice. It has more aesthetic look and will be well-remembered gift for anyone who likes homemade wine or whisky. Moreover small barrel is fastest way to maturate any drinks as it has greater interaction square per volume of liquid in comparison with big barrels.



Wooden kitchen accessories

Think Oak chopping and  wooden  fruit  bowl

   Wooden kitchen accessories are essential things in every home and public catering. If you are looking for a nice, useful and not so expensive gift, wooden kitchen accessories would be a right choice.
   At our online store you can find wide range of oak chopping boards, wooden fruit bowls, wooden plates and cooking spoons and spatulas. Along with their application characteristics,  wooden cutting boards, wooden bowls or cooking spoons can serve as great rustic décor for your kitchen and restaurants.



Wooden cooking spoon wooden spatula and wooden serving boards



Rustic home and garder decor 

Rustic home and garden decor



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