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Hardwoods have high density and strength. Such wood is processed by mechanical methods: drilling, milling, turning. Hardwoods are widely used in the construction industry, as well as for the manufacture of furniture and finishing materials.

Let's take a closer look at the properties of the most popular hardwoods: acacia, oak, maple, beech, larch, walnut, teak, ash.


Softwoods are easy to work with and are in demand in applications where bending is required. Such wood lends itself to any type of processing; products with decorative carving, veneer, plywood, as well as souvenir and other products are made from it.

It is believed that conifers are distinguished by the softest wood, although there are many soft varieties among deciduous ones.

Consider the properties of the most popular softwoods: linden (lime tree), pine, cedar, alder, spruce, poplar, aspen.

To assemble B.S. National Beehive, you need to follow a correct sequence and understand each element of the hive.

Your beehive consists of the following components: 1 pc x Open mesh floor with drawer and entrance block with summer/winter exit and landing board; 1 pc x Brood box; 2 pcs x Super box; 1 pc x Crown Board; Wooden roof with metal cover.

To assemble the beehive you need nails or screws and waterproof glue. These items are not included.


The main principle you should understand to store and maintain an oak barrel is that a barrel is made of natural material (oak timber).  It can be dried up, cracked under the influence of sun light, temperature and air; it can be swelled and get moldy under the influence of water or moist air and etc. 

New oak barrel

The best way is you buy new oak barrel once you are ready to use it to avoid long storage. Once you get your barrel, all of its parts (tap, bung and stand, hoops) should be visually inspected for cracks, gaps, hoops falling and any defects that may lead to potential problems. To inspect the barrel inside, just insert a light to any bung holes while watch from other hole.

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