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To assemble B.S. National Beehive, you need to follow a correct sequence and understand each element of the hive.

Your beehive consists of the following components: 1 pc x Open mesh floor with drawer and entrance block with summer/winter exit and landing board; 1 pc x Brood box; 2 pcs x Super box; 1 pc x Crown Board; Wooden roof with metal cover.

To assemble the beehive you need nails or screws and waterproof glue. These items are not included.



1) Assemble the floor

This part of the hive is already assembled. You just need to put the entrance block for the right season (summer or winter) and screw landing board to the front of the floor under the entrance block.

2) Assemble the brood and super chambers

The brood chamber and each super chamber consists of the following parts:

2 pcs x outer walls with two grooves and four slots at the ends.

2 pcs x inner wall with bevelled (angled) top. Angled top serve as runners.

2 pcs x top locking bars

2 pcs x bottom angled locking bars

- Apply glue to the grooves of the outer wall pieces and insert inner wall pieces into the grooves. Please, make sure the right position of the angled top of the inner wall. It should be like on the picture. The angle of inner wall should be to the outside of the chamber. The nearest side of the inner wall to the top locking bar should be flush to rebate in the top bars.

IMG 4055                  Super and brood box chamber

- Apple glue on the ends of the looking bars. Insert locking bars to the slots of the outer walls.

- Make sure once again that the inner walls are adjusted to be flat with the recess on the inside the looking bars. See the picture above.

- Check regular that the chamber is square. Before gluing and nailing together, please ensure that you have all parts in correct position. The chamber is correctly assembled when its top and bottom are flush and flat.

- Screw or nail outer walls into inner walls. See the picture.

- Screw or nail locking bars to outer walls. See the picture.

- Screw or nail locking bar from the inside. See the picture.

3) Crown Board and beehive roof are also supplied in the assembled condition.


UK Mainland delivery time is within 3-5 days. We deliver our products within Europe and  it usually takes 7-10 days to deliver your order.  

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