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Oak Barrel Flask


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Oak Barrel Flask 1L 

The oak flask has the same properties and purposes as an oak barrel. It has just different design.
Oak flask is perfect product  and unforgettable gift for your family and friends to store whiskey, wine and other alcohol beverages. Oak flask is also a stylish product in rustic style for your home interior design.

- One set includes: 1 Litre oak flask with stainless hoops,  oak bung and oak stand.
- Condition: new.
- Medium plus charring level inside. Another toasting/charring level upon request.
- Finish: coated with natural bee wax and natural linseed oil outside.  Natural oak finish upon request. 
- Weight: 1,7 kg.
- Dimensions: 12*22*25 cm (27 cm height with stand).

Please, read the instruction of how to store and prepare oak barrel before use.


Please, see also 1 litre oak whisky barrel.

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