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Oak vinegar barrels 3-10 Liters


Barrel Size:
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Oak vinegar barrels 3-10 liters

  Our vinegar barrels are made of solid European oak staves with stainless hoops using traditional cooperage methods. Oak vinegar barrel is natural equipment to make homemade balsamic vinegar. 
- One set includes: oak vinegar barrel with stainless hoops, oak tap and oak lid.
- Condition: new. 
- Not charred inside  inside. Another toasting/charring level upon request.

- Finish: coated with natural beewax and natural linseed oil outside. Natural oak finish upon request.

3 Litres
- Weight: 3 kg
- Dimensions: 24*21*16
5 Litres
- Weight: 4 kg
- Dimensions: 26*26*21
10 litres
- Weight: 6 kg
- Dimensions: 32*29*23


Please, read the instruction of how to store and prepare oak barrel before use. 



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