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Wood Kitchen Accessories

Wooden accessories in the kitchen are irreplaceable attributes that not only create a cosy atmosphere, but also do an excellent job with many functions. Among the most demanded accessories made of natural materials, it is worth noting wooden oak cutting boards, spoons, bread bins, wooden spatula, trays, wooden fruit bowls, plates and etc. They are easy to use, have an aesthetic appearance and are durable.

The relevance and practicality of kitchen wood products

Wooden accessories are cosy and practical. Natural accessories have not lost their relevance for many years. Wooden cutting boards are preferred by professional chefs who are familiar with their benefits.

Wooden products fit perfectly into almost any interior, successfully complementing minimalism, eclecticism, constructivism, loft, modern, avant-garde.

Today the use of wooden accessories in the kitchen is a deliberate choice that compares favourably with the attributes of other materials. Such wooden kitchen accessories are practical to use. It serves a variety of cold dishes, cold cuts, snacks and more. Wood products are often used as salt shakers, sugar bowls, bread bins, fruit bowls, serving boards and etc. In them, products are stored for a long time without losing their properties, and wooden items themselves look aesthetically pleasing.

Advantages of wood kitchen accessories

There are a number of advantages that distinguish wood kitchen accessories favourably:

- Environmental friendliness. Natural kitchen utensils do not harm the environment or human health.

- Versatility. Wooden dishes, cutting boards and other elements complement any kitchen and can be both part of the interior and used for cooking and eating.

- Pleasant surroundings. Woden items bring a sense of comfort and cosiness to the interior.

- Thermal insulation. The wooden dishes do not conduct heat, so the products in them remain hot for a long time.

- Sophistication. The table where food is served in wooden dishes, looks organic and sophisticated.

- Aroma. The wood has a pleasant smell.

- Durability. Such accessories are distinguished by a long service life, during which they do not lose their attractive appearance.

The main differences between wooden cutting boards and plastic and other cutting boards

Wooden cutting boards are in many ways better than similar products made from other materials in terms of their characteristics. Wooden cutting boards differ from plastic and other boards in the following characteristics: environmental friendliness; hygiene; attractive appearance; aesthetics; stability; easy cleaning from dirt.

Scientists have conducted research and found that wooden items are the most hygienic. They have an unfavourable environment for the development of bacteria, which makes them different from their synthetic counterparts.

Plastic cutting boards are not safe. This material is harmful not only to the environment, but also to people who use such items in the kitchen. Plastics release chemicals that can cause skin breakouts and even poisoning. The complete opposite of this material is wooden products, which, unlike plastic, contain useful essential oils.

Wooden cutting boards in comparison with their analogues made of glass, silicone, stone and other materials are better in the following: increased strength; do not emit unpleasant sounds when cutting; not breakable; do not blunt the knife blade; affordable; do not deform from elevated temperature; do not bend; multifunctional.

Eco-friendly cutting boards look much better in the kitchen, giving it a special atmosphere. Therefore, wooden objects must be presented in the house of every house.

Everyone knows that as per sanitary-hygienic standard there should be several chopping boards and serving boards for different purposes in any kitchen to avoid cross contamination: chopping board for fish and fishery products, butcher chopping board for raw meat, carving and serving board for fruits and vegetables, cutting board for bread and bakery products.

We can deal bespoke orders and provide personalized oak chopping boards or serving boards as per your design and with your company logo.



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