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Oak bread cutting board

Oak bread cutting board
Oak bread cutting board
Oak bread cutting board
Oak bread cutting board


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Oak bread cutting board

 This chopping board is handcrafted of oak by skilled craftsmen. This chopping board is made in traditional design, you can use it for carving and serving any kind of food but as per our opinion it is perfect to be used as bread board.
 Oak kitchen boards are not only handy and useful thing and rustic décor for your kitchen and dining room, but also great gift which will be appreciated by everyone who loves to create in the kitchen.
 As far as each board is unique, please, allow 5% tolerance for sizes and weight.
Size: 350*250*20 mm
Weight: 1,3 kg
Condition: new
Finish: natural linseed oil
Material: oak 

 If you are hotel, restaurant or any food service company we provide good discount for wholesale orders. Wholesale order is from 5 pcs. Please, contact us using quick contact form below to get your discount for a bulk order.

Price £ 17.00

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