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Wooden spoons set of 10 pcs


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Wooden spoons set of 10 pcs

 Our wooden spoons are handcrafted of European beech by skilled craftsmen. These traditional wooden spoons are designed in three dimensions: small – tea spoon, medium – dessert-spoon and large – table spoon.
 Wooden spoons at your kitchen are ecological, useful things and unique rustic décor. Wooden spoons are unforgettable gift for any one.
 As far as each spoon is unique, please, allow 5% tolerance for sizes and weight.
Small (tea spoon). One set includes 10 pcs. 
- Sizes: 18*3*1,5cm
- Weight of 1 pc: 15 g
Medium (dessert-spoon). One set includes 10 pcs. 
- Size: 20*4*1,5 cm
- Weight of 1 pc: 17 g
Large (table spoon). One set includes 10 pcs. 
- Size: 25*4.7*2.3 cm
- Weight of 1 pc: 20 g

Condition: new
Finish: natural wood finish
Material: beech

Price £ 7.00

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