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B.S. National Beehives & frames


Every year the number of bees on our planet is decreasing. Therefore, you are not only investing in your apiary, but also contributing to the conservation of their population. As in any business, success in beekeeping depends on many factors. But above all it depends on the conditions in which you settle your “buzzing” farm.


Beekeeping became one of the first trades for humans. Even before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, people equipped the first apiaries to feast on honey. For thousands of years, we have come from the primitive wild and closely related side beekeeping to the log beekeeping, and then to the modern frame beekeeping.

Since the invention of the frame hive in 1814, in fact,  the history of beekeeping began as we know it. And it took the path of a high-end industry in 1851, when Lorenzo Langstroth patented and presented his design to the public.


Today, apiaries are a source of not only honey, but also a whole range of products: wax and propolis, royal jelly and drone homogenate, bee bread and comb honey as well as bee venom. So, beekeeping is a very interesting activity, and with the proper level of organization it is a very profitable business.

The list of useful things in the apiary is endless. But you really can't do without some:

- Hives and accessories. Varroa Open mesh floor drawer, brood box, super box, crown board, queen excluder, wooden roof with metal cover, beehive frames, dummy boards and feeders and  etc. - each attribute of the "bee dormitory" must be strong, durable and environmentally friendly. Not to mention, the hive needs to keep it warm.

- Equipment for inspection and cleaning. Leather or rubber gloves and a mesh beekeeper mask to protect against stings. You also need a smoker to calm the bees. And also, a chisel, a broom brush, a scraper blade, a gripper for frames and a frame holder for basic manipulations.

- General purpose inventory. Equipment will be needed to capture and isolate a queen. And also, pollen catchers and a scale for evaluating the honeyflow.

- Equipment for working with wax and honey. We are talking about solar and steam wax pots, a fork and a double-sided knife for uncapping, as well as a filter for honey and a honey extractor.


Everything related to hives and accessories, you can entrust us for at least 3 reasons:

- Safe materials. No polyurethane foam and polystyrene foam with their toxic fumes. Only pine wood: inexpensive, resistant to external influences and has a low thermal conductivity, which guarantees an optimal temperature both in summer and in winter.

- High quality. Modern equipment and experienced craftsmen are the key to careful processing and accuracy of all sizes. We have supplemented this combination with quality control of each product.

- A large assortment. For 6 years of work, we have mastered the production of all components for B.S. National Beehive as well as all kinds of bee frames for B.S. National Beehive such as: Sn1, Sn2, Sn4, Sn5, Manley, Dn1, Dn2, Dn4, Dn5 and 14” x12” frames.

In addition, we provide a good  service  and give comprehensive   advice on all products that we offer to our customers.



UK Mainland delivery time is within 3-5 days. We deliver our products within Europe and  it usually takes 7-10 days to deliver your order.  

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